The Carlin dumpsters will be open & FREE* from Saturday, June 8th to Sunday - June 16th. 
Carlin residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to tackle their spring cleaning. 
This includes, but not limited to: old furniture, appliances*, tires*, yard scraps, household items, etc.
We are seeking volunteers to help assist those that are disabled/handicapped with their loads. Contact Lyndsie at public works to sign up to volunteer at 775-754-6515.

*There will be a $3 fee per automobile tire, and $10 for each semi/tractor tire. 
*Commercial businesses including property managers and owners of rental properties will be charged the normal rate. 
*Refrigerators & Freezers will be accepted at regular posted price ($15 each).

*City of Carlin Staff are not responsible for hauling or loading trash. DO NOT obstruct the alleyways or sidewalks with garbage. YOU are responsible for hauling your garbage to the City Yard.*