Animal Control / Code Enforcement

The Animal Control / Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for capturing and impounding stray, unlicensed or nuisance animals, and for aggressively enforcing state and local animal control ordinances. The ACCO also looks for nuisance violations, including parking violations, garbage violations and health and sanitation ordinances.

Report a Code Violation
The City of Carlin uses MyGov to allow citizens to report City Code violations or submit requests to the City of Carlin.  MyGov’s interface allows you to participate directly with the City of Carlin and is equipped with a Dashboard that automatically updates in real-time, allowing you to stay up-to-date on complaints or requests.  

To report a concern on MyGov, go to the MyGov Portal link below. You may choose to create an account or remain anonymous. If you would like to create an account, please view instructions below.

Click Here to Access Portal

MyGov Log In Instructions and Creation of Account

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Animal Control / Code Enforcement

101 S. 8th St
Carlin, NV 89822

Ph: (775) 777-7300
Fx: (775) 754-2483