Fun at the Senior Center

1st Annual Travel Adventure
Some of our Carlin seniors went with other local seniors and friends to New England to see the fall colors, eat lobster and experience some history.

               40th Anniversary of Carlin Senior Center40th Anniversary
              Gayle Zomar, Nancy Wright, Patty Whitlock, Dominick Pieretti, Eole Pacini

                     Halloween 2017
Harry Potter Halloween Party 2017  
Back row: April, Judy, Patty, Gayle, Jim, Ella, Gary
Front row: Kiara, Katy, and Billy


         2018 Murder Mystery Party
MM 1                            
Back: Duck Abrams, Margaret, Ruth, Ella & friend, Kiara, Judy, Jim, Ronda, Doug, Marie, Fred, Eole, Les 
Front: Emily, Rae, Patty, Gayle, Gary, Mary Lou                     

MM 2
Les Tracy with Ronda in back (with cowboy hat) and Patty

MM 3
Former Director Ella Trujillo and friend- 2018